What to ask before you book a cruise

There is nothing more exciting than booking a cruise. Of course, it is unlike any other vacation. It is therefore important that you know a little bit about a few questions that you are going to need to ask before you head out on that ship.
Obviously the most important question is what stops which actually be on the way throughout the cruise. You will also have to ask if that there is a possibility that there may be any changes to the stops along the way (for example poor weather may mean that you have to skip ports). The majority of port calls will be for a couple of hours at a time. However, it is also worth finding out a bit more information on this as some cruises will allow you a day or two at major destinations.
Food is going to be important on a cruise. Obviously you are a captive audience and there is going to be a small selection. Many cruises include food in the price of your trip, although not all do. This is again something that you are going to want to pay attention to. If they do not include food in the costs then you are obviously going to need to take a little look at the menu prices and budget accordingly.

Finally, you should find out a little bit about the various amenities available on the ship. This includes entertainment, information of facilities like swimming pools, shopping, and pretty much anything else. You will also want to find out information about whether there is a medical center (most large ships will have them). On top of all of this think about any extra charges you may be paying out and budget for this accordingly.