Kids Flying Solo Guide

Nowadays it is safer than ever for kids to fly alone. Of course, there are some parents who may be a little bit reluctant to begin with. Let me tell you now though, it is unlikely any issues will occur should you send your children on a flight solo.
First and foremost you need to be aware that some airlines will have age limits in place. This will ensure that only children who are capable of going through the process on their own. For most airlines this age limit is 14, although it is worth asking the airline in advance. You should always mention that a child will be flying on their own. They will be able to detail any processes that they have in place to ensure that your child travels safe and sound.
If possible you should ALWAYS ‘dry run’ your child through the airport process before they fly alone. Most of the time you will be sending them out from an airport that they will have travelled from before so this should not be too much of an issue. Children are actually pretty quick to pick up on the process. If you have not, I am sure you can find a number of videos online which will go into a bit of depth on the process.
On the day of travel make sure that you have somebody to greet them on the other side (so they don’t get lost!) accompany them to the airport, help them drop their bag of, and say goodbye to them at security. This should install a bit of confidence in both them and yourself. As I said, some airlines will have processes in place for children who are flying alone. It may be worth finding out a little bit more about those.